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Bread of Heaven Diner & Seafood

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Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

81 Martin Luther King Dr
Phone: (201) 433-8044

The Bread of Heaven Diner & Seafood offers authentic soul food and fresh seafood daily. The Bread of Heaven Diner & Deli, is a Soul Food Restaurant that will definitely satisfy your craving for genuine country cooking. Established in 1993, The Bread of Heaven Diner and Deli has been a fixture within the community for many years. This a an atmosphere filled with the love of the God and we (His People) live our lives by His Holy Word.  


We are dedicated to quality service, with a smile. A lot of care and preparation goes into the making of our meals. Every meat, is thoroughly washed before being seasoned and packed for a meal. Our vegetables are also washed before being prepared to serve to our guests. We do not purchase our cabbage or collards frozen, we clean and cut before cooking them ourselves.  


Our Black Fish, Porgies, and Sea Bass are all caught by our Pastor and some of our church members during the fishing excursions he takes throughout the summer months. They are scaled, cleaned, washed and prepared on our premises. Though most of the trips are planned, we occasionally have one that's spur of the moment. 


Bread of Heaven Diner & Seafood | 81 Martin Luther King Dr, Jersey City, NJ