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90 Monticello Avenue
Phone: (201) 479-8146

In today’s rapid and competitive lifestyle, people are on the move to improve, a pure human principle concept. Meeting your feeding desire and fulfillment of your appetite is not an exception. Throughout this glorious journey, people always look for food not only served fast but also served with passion and presented as a source of joy. 


They decided to lean in and accept that challenging yet splendid mission. We tried to bring East to the west, north down to the south as the new generations melted down all barriers and taboos. We design our meals with great caution and clear vision of people taste, we name our meals in a very representative way to communicate with the mind before the tummy, and throughout our journey we keep appreciating our customers’ enthusiasm and we will try to stay in the endless fun, the fun of being fast and fabulous.

Fast & Fabulous | 90 Monticello Avenue, Jersey City, NJ