Aladdin Lamps

118 Monticello Avenue
Phone: (201) 434-2869

A 60 year old business known for its quality and skill is Jersey City’s Aladdin Lamp & Shade Company founded by Bill Hauptman in 1951. His son, Mark, has carried on the family business that repairs, restores and totally refurbishes old lamps, chandeliers, figurines and candelabra. We also convert antique gas lamps to electrical units. We can reproduce turn-of-the-century gas lamps and shades, and give an antique finish to a lamp already repaired. We can copy any style and we pride ourselves on the ability to thoroughly restore and repair any lighting fixture whatever its age or condition. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions or for a free estimate.

Aladdin Lamps | 118 Monticello Avenue, Jersey City, NJ