Step Up to Action. Step Up to Jackson Hill.

The sole purpose of the JHMSSID is to identify, plan, implement, organize and enforce projects, programs and codes to help create a viable business district for the local residents to shop, dine and work.

Many of you may recall the vitality of Jackson and Monticello Avenues back in the 1950's and early 60's. One could shop for children, ladies and men's clothing, and household needs from curtains and drapes, to small and large household appliances. Fine jewels, furriers, quality meat markets, boutique supermarkets, and photographers were all present in our community. You name it, and it could be obtained on Jackson or Monticello Avenues.

While we recognize the impact that malls and large shopping centers have on local businesses, it has become increasingly clear that there is a growing demand for small, well-run local businesses and the authenticity of local communities. It is the goal of our SID to reestablish a culture and atmosphere that will foster a viable business district.

This can only come to pass with full community participation, and to this end we are asking you to consider getting involved with any of our four committees. We ask that you join us as we embark upon this journey to transform our community with our unique heritage and benefits, like the successful communities Downtown, on the Waterfront and Central Avenue. Our ancestral history is one of can do, and will do; please don't miss this opportunity to help reshape our community.

Contact us to share your information and interests. We look forward to hearing from you!